deDUBros Band

deDUBros band is active and available to support national and international artists on live Italian and European tours, festivals and if you need studio recording sessions!

The band is formed by:
Federico K9 Cioni – bass & live dubs (founding member)
Diego Cossentino – drums & vocals (founding member)
Fabio Marchiori – keyboards
Andrea Mucciarelli – guitar & vocals
Riccardo Zini – saxophone & vocals
Nicola Cellai – trumpet & vocals

Here live with Johnny Osbourne 

© Melissa Mariotti

© Auditorium FLOG

Available in 6 or 4 elements, rider and tech specs available to download HERE
Rehearsals and recordings can be set up in our studio Boomker Sound based in Firenze, Italy.
You can appreciate the mood and sound of the room by listening at this one mic rehearsal recording 

For prices, agreements and availability please contact | (+39)3286874065
Let’s work together!